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We have more than 22 years Graphic and Design industry work experiences of which over 18 years worked in Photography & Film making and in highly reputable companies.
  • Advertising photography
  • The private studio of the Najo film Studio is able to take the advertising pictures for all kinds of the companies, associations, factories, and Institutes . These pictures are according to the advertising request of the companies, and it can be one advertising picture or the picture along with the graphic designing.
  • studio shooting
  • Artistic Photography Industrial Photography Film & Video Photography Advertising photography Portrait & Modeling Photography Wedding Photography Sport Photography Child & Baby Photography Culture & People Photography Nature Photography
  • Multi Media
  • Kasheh Art Designers has the ability of producing Multi Media according to the work type and it’s designing as a package completely by having its specialist in the field of designing of the Multi Media CD. Multi Media Production is in it’s own special studio, and Najo is trying to avoid producing the repeated works and designs, and all the works for each company shall be different with the other one and in the way of their request or profession or their confirmed plan. Multi Media is producible in two forms in the Najo film studio: 1- Designing & producing of one Multi Media program for the introducing and advertising of the company with the requested links. 2- Designing & producing of one Multi Media in one complete package That rather than the requested links by the company, there would be also one advertising film in the frame of film link and industrial or advertising pictures, or the advertisement in the frame of gallery link, or one of these two in this package.
  • Rebranding Strategies
  • Style Guides
  • • Excellent Photographical skills • Film maker • Professional web developer • High performing administrations
  • Brand Creation
  • Also has engaged in graphical, advertising and designing material for more than 35 companies under long term engagement arrangements. Please sea Annex B for the detail.

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